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    The Chris Rolling Squad | Cannonball Holocaust - Review

    Like a bat out of hell comes The Chris Rolling Squad with their latest album Cannonball Holocaust. Released on April 15th, 2021, the french trio comes charging in like a bull and never lets up. A great combination of punk, thrash, and swampy rock and roll make this a unique blend of styles, similar to classic bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Misfits, Metallica,  and the swampy blues riff-age of the guitar player we know as Slash. 

    In their opener “Wild Time” it’s sure to keep the party going all night long as they say. The party continues with the track “Hate 2000 blues”. Both tracks offer a swampy slash style of rock and roll, as heard on his work as a solo artist and with Velvet Revolver. With that, a new style emerges with the song “Trapped Inside”. Fast heavy driven thrash metal style in the likes of Metallica and Slayer. They do it so well I beg for more!

    The French trio delivers hard hitting singles such as "Straight Down To Hell" and "Hollywood" to remind listeners of the yesteryears with a new spin on hard music. "Straight Down To Hell" doesn’t disappoint. It’s fast and hard. It’s got that Motorhead energy that complements the style of Trapped Inside nicely. Just when you think things can’t get any faster, comes the next track, “Faster”. And yes, it's faster.

    Blending European style with traditional American metal, The Chris Rolling Squad is a band to see on center stage with mosh pit appeal and a youthful tone that will bring the crowd to their feet in a busy auditorium or at home through the speakers. 

    Listen Here >>> https://www.playgroundz.rocks/the-chris-rolling-squad/

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    The Absurd | Cancel The Wall - Review

    Cancel The Wall by the three piece LA desert grunge rockers The Absurd is an album that brings energy to higher levels and features vocal, percussion, and guitar driven music from start to finish.

    Originally released as Build The Wall in October of 2018, Bent Knee Records has just released a third pressing. Maybe I was hiding under a rock would be the best explanation as to why I have just recently discovered them. In the light of this discovery is a new release of Build The Wall, remastered, with live bonus tracks and a new album name titled Cancel The Wall. This new pressing was released on November 18th, 2021. 

    Tracks such as "Squashing Pumpkins" are reminiscent of classic sludge rock and 90's acts including Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden.  The song "Build The Wall" is a standout single to demonstrate the diversity of the group with a sway between melodic singalongs and heavy rock. On the contrary, my first exposure to Absurd was the song “Boots On The Ground” with it’s mantra style sound that resonated with me. 

    Cancel The Wall is an album that hints at nostalgic influences and includes a new alternative sound reminiscent of post grunge acts for those who prefer to decipher the sound in their speakers.


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    Bongtower | Oscillator 2 - Review

    By mike, 2022-01-31
    Bongtower | Oscillator 2 - Review

    Psychedelic Russian rockers Bongtower deliver their galactic doom album Oscillator II with otherworldly concepts and a journey through the solar system. Self released on January 19th 2022, each track follows the group's odyssey from planet to planet with robotic interludes announcing each arrival and departure. 

    Starting out on planet earth and beginning the launch into space is the song “Phase”. As we are told the universe is not made for us, the fuzzy thick distorted guitars and angry drums are all around us on the track “For All Mankind”, reminding us of our mission and to find the ultimate answer. Standout songs include the epic thirteen minute track called "Mars" that raises the bar.. Other enjoyable songs such as "Uranus” focus on the vocalist's gravelly growls and sludge guitars, and the dynamic clean breakdowns on these songs makes you feel like you're floating around somewhere in deep space until there's a sudden disturbance from catastrophic guitar frequencies. The album ends with the Vangelis Cover “Alpha” resolving with closure but leaving you wanting more. 

    Oscillator II plays like the soundtrack to some of my favorite science fiction movies and shows. Original in storytelling with the distinct psychedelic doom sound, Oscillator II is a dynamic record that sets Bongtower apart from other artists in the genre. Carl Sagan would be proud.

    Submerge yourself into this album like virtual reality and reach out and touch the stars.

    Listen Here >>> https://www.playgroundz.rocks/bongtower


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