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    UK Rock Legends UFO Reissue Rare 1988 EP With Vintage Live Bonus Tracks & Other Treasures!

    UFO fans, rejoice! The legendary British rock band's rare 1988 EP, Ain't Misbehavin', is making a triumphant return in a Deluxe Bonus Track Edition reissue, promising a treasure trove of sonic delights for enthusiasts and collectors alike. Recorded in the wake of the band's electrifying 1987 tour in support of their '85 album Misdemeanor, this EP marked the final collaboration between UFO frontman Phil Mogg and the virtuosic Japanese-born guitarist Atomik Tommy M.


    Much like its predecessor, Ain't Misbehavin' goes full throttle from beginning to end with Mogg matching his vocal prowess to the pyrotechnic playing of guitarist Tommy alongside superstar bassist Paul Gray (The Damned) and former Magnum drummer Jim Simpson. The brilliant lead off track, “Between A Rock And A Hard Place,” ranks up there with some of the band’s best rockers. Check out this special digital single release of the track below!


    Stream/download the single: https://orcd.co/ufo_betweenarockandahardplace


    This deluxe reissue not only reintroduces the original EP in all its glory but also treats fans to a selection of bonus tracks, including vintage live performances and other rarities that showcase UFO's dynamic live energy and musical evolution. The artwork has been revamped with an even sexier front cover image, and the whole thing is being released on all formats this June 14 so order your copy today!


    Order the CD/Vinyl: https://cleorecs.com/search?q=ufo+ain%27t+misbehavin


    Stream/download the digital: https://orcd.co/ufo_aintmisbehavin


    1. Between A Rock & A Hard Place

    2. Another Saturday Night

    3. At War With The World

    4. Hunger In The Night

    5. Easy Money

    6. Rock Boyz, Rock

    7. Lonely Cities (Of The Heart)


    8. Only You Can Rock Me (Live In Milwaukee 1986)

    9. The Chase (Live In Milwaukee 1986)

    10. Night Run (Live In Milwaukee 1986)

    11. Doctor Doctor (Live In Milwaukee 1986)

    12. Between A Rock & A Hard Place (Instrumental Version)

    Crypt Witch ★ Bad Trip Exorcism

    This is doom as I love it!


    Viscous slow, instrumental and low tuned that it goes straight to your guts - distorted and gloomy, thunderous slow drumming and hypnotic riffs.


    The debut was released in 2019 and behind Crypt Witch is multi-instrumentalist Eugen Kohl, better known to some as Gnev and bands/projects such as Donarhall, Sinister Downfall, Hexengrab, Urschmerz, Dark Fields and others.


    This is the 2024 DHU Records exclusive edition on transparent green vinyl w/ pink psych splatter. New artwork, housed in a ziplock weed bag and poster by Shane Horror. Limited to 90 copys.


    -Helge Neumann

    Ripple Music to release an all-time anthology for American proto-metal legends POOBAH!

    POOBAH "Burning In The Rain: An Anthology"

    Out June 7th on Ripple Music


    1. Burning In The Rain

    2. C'mon Let It Go

    3. Maximum Pleasure

    4. My Name is Mud

    5. Try It 6. It Out

    7. Fear

    8. Underground

    9. Jump Through the Golden Ring

    10. 2 Faced Liar

    11. Keep on Rollin'

    12. You Give Me Such Pleasure

    13. Mr. Destroyer 06:00

    14. I Want Peace

    15. Thru These Eyes

    16. Dirty

    17. Destination Or Debris


    When you hear the name POOBAH, you instantly remind of the whole 70s rock scene. Your feel the vibrations of Jimi Hendrix' electric explorations, and the excitement of heavy music's early stages. The band is more than just a witness of these times, they are true pillars. In 1972, guitarist/vocalist Jim Gustafson, like so many young rockers, put together a band. With the help of high school chum and bass player Phil Jones, they searched for and added drummer Glenn Wiseman. The band came to be known as POOBAH and recorded what would become one of the quintessential albums in the bands catalog, 'Let Me In'. With a completely new line-up, Gustafson led the band into the studio in 1976 to record the bands second LP, 'U.S. Rock'. With the record selling exceptionally well, the bands cult status continued to strengthen, but poor management and the typical industry pitfalls hampered the band from finding the wider success that they so richly deserved. By 1979, their made their way to the recording studio for album number three, 'Steamroller'.


    Their incendiary live shows led them to support major acts such as Canned Heat, Judas Priest, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Foghat, and countless others over the years. Ten guitar-powered studio albums and thirty years later, POOBAH is still at it, playing his distinctive brand of heavy rock to clubs filled with fans, old and new. Over four decades, Gustafson has the distinction of playing the Rock'n’Roll Hall of Fame more than any other musician.


    In 2010, Jim Gustafson signed with Ripple Music to re-release their 1972 debut album 'Let Me In', re-mastered by underground cult engineer Tony Reed (Mos Generator). Following the successful reissue of "Let Me In and sophomore album "U.S. Rock", the Californian label has once again teamed up with POOBAH for the special release of a quintessential and rifftastic 17-track anthology entitled "Burning In The Rain: An Anthology" and to be issued in the summer of 2024.


    Current lineup:

    Jim Gustafson - Voice, guitar, songwriter

    Lori Powers - Percussion, backing vocals

    Mike Lewis - Bass, backing vocals

    Mike Fortino - Drums, backing vocals


    POOBAH links

    Website | FacebookBandcampSpotify

    RIPPLE MUSIC links


    The Xroadie Files

    Femme Fatale- Demos + Live

    Lorraine Lewis- Vocals, Bill D’Angelo- Guitar, Mazzy Rawd- Guitar/Keyboard, Rick Rael- Bass, Bobby Murray- Drums


    (Live In Normal, IL, 1988) Fortune and Fame will have the crowd on its feet rocking from the very first note fist pump head bang and chant along. My Baby's Gun is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Touch and Go powerful vocals pounding drums thumping bass and screaming leads that pull you in. Back In Your Arms Again get out the air guitars and rock till you drop. Rebel the emotions will send shivers down your spine. Cradles Rockin' thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs powerful vocals and scorching leads. Falling In And Out Of Love is a very catchy rune that will take you back in time when things were much simpler. Waiting For The Big One will have you rocking and leave a smile on your face as you sing shout and just let loose. Also Lorraine is great at getting the crowd involved and shouting and singing back and forth with her one amazing show Demos - Chains thundering drums thumping bass amazing vocals ans screaming guitars. Heat The Fire powerful emotions just envelop your very senses. Falling In And Out Of Love slowly pulls you into your imaginations and memories. Rebel close your eyes and let the emotions send shivers down your spine. Fortune and Fame fist pump head bang play air guitar and just rock all night long. Its A Long Way To The Top one excellent rocking version of the AC/DC classic.

    you can get this on FNA Records


    Hillbilly Moon Explosion- Back In Time

    Oliver Baroni - Vocals/upright Bass, Emanuela Hutter- Vocals/Guitar, Duncan James- Guitar/Vocals, Sylvain Petite- Drums


    Sometimes Late At Night clap foot tap and groove with some surf rock influences. Summerlove close your eyes and dream. Knocked Down take a trip back to the pop psychedelia of the late 70s. 1979 is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head. I Live In My Head sway groove and chant. Sudden Ring strumming guitars steady rhythms and emotional vocals. Jet Fuel Rock And Roll clap foot tap chant sing shout and just let loose. Let’s Go (Back In Time) has a punk rock influence with surf music interlaced. Nothing Takes The Place Of You a catchy riffs and sing along vocals. Always Just You late sixties music with emotional vocals. Death By My Side get up and dance the night away. Reno lost in emotional memories.



    The Real Heavy Bones- Rare And Unreleased Archives Vol 1

    Joe Ellis – Vocals, Frankie Banali- Drums, Gary Hoey- Guitar, Rex Tennyson- Bass


    Joel Ellis is at it again with a Joel Ellis Production that has amazing vocals thundering drums from Frankie Banali, thumping bass from Rex Tennyson and screaming guitars by Gary Hoey. 4AM TM (Original) thundering drums thumping bass crunchy riffs screaming leads with amazing vocals. Bad Little Bobby Blue sway groove and play air guitar and just flow with the melodies Turn it On (Original Extended) close your eyes dream of many emotional memories. Friends sitting around strumming guitars and having a blast. I’ll Be Thinking Of You the emotions just send shivers down your spine. Say Goodbye clap foot tap head bang fist pump and sing. VUDU some amazing guitars soaring vocals with pounding drums and thumping bass. Your Love Won’t Let Me Down (Original) has a very catchy groove emotional vocals and solid rhythms. Summer In The Rain (Original) take a trip back in time to magical music of the late 80s and enjoy the musical journey. Man On the Moon (Original) just let the emotions pull you in as memories come in waves over and over. For You My Queen (Original) will have the entire crowd lighters held high people playing air guitars and singing along.



    River City Rebels- Pop Culture Baby

    Dan O'Day, Marc Conti, Izzy DeSimone, Kody Sanborn, Adam Allard


    Pop Culture Baby stand clap foot tap and just rock all night long. Rock A Cross is a very catchy tune that sticks in your head for days. Unless You're White grab your air guitars and riff along as you chant an fist pump. Abuse Myself hit the floor and mosh till you drop.



    Seum – Live At CJLO

    Gaspard – Vocals, Piotr – Bass, Fred – Drums


    Snowbird pounding drums thundering bass and gruff vocals. Razorblade Rainbow slowly pulls you into nothingness. Seum Noir fist pump foot stomp and slither along to its heaviness. Torpedo darkness envelops your very senses.




    Austin heavy metal revelers DUEL share new single "Chaos Reigns"; new album "Breakfast With Death", out July 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds!

    Austin, Texas heavy metallers DUEL premiere their brand new single "Chaos Reigns", taken from their forthcoming fifth album "Breakfast With Death" due out this July 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds.


    Stream new track "Chaos Reigns" on Outlaws of the Sun


    About the song, the band says: “Chaos Reigns” is an apocalyptic crusher about the war between man and the sea. A heavy metal funeral march for the countless souls lost in the deep."


    Heavier and more menacing than their previous efforts, DUEL's fifth album "Breakfast With Death" features nine rowdy and beer-soaked stompers capturing the foursome's sizzling live performances with unequivocal titles like "Chaos Reigns", "Berserker" or "Satan's Invention". With its renewed rhythm section, Duel blasts harder into heavy metal territory with their explosive shredding and impassioned vocals, even catching the listener off-guard with some feverish stampedes along the way. This is Duel at their fiercest, and hell it's a party!



    DUEL "Breakfast With Death"

    Out July 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds (LP/CD/digital)

    Shop preorder - Bandcamp preorder

    DUEL is a heavy, tripped-out four-piece heavy rock foursome hailing from Austin, Texas. Steeped in the sinister sounds of dungeon-esque early 80s heavy metal, 70s metal, and late 60s psych, their tunes spin dark tales of ritual horror, occult sex, and apocalyptic doom while exploring alternate realms, and the depth of infinite space with a head full of mushroom tea. Dealing with their own brand of dark boogie, the band has earned a reputation thanks to their high-voltage live performances, relentless touring across Europe and the US, writing and recording schedule. Since 2016, DUEL have released four albums on Heavy Psych Sounds Records, growing their fanbase even more each time.


    DUEL is

    Tom Frank - lead vocals & guitar

    Jeff Henson - lead guitar & backing vocals

    Patrick "Scooch" Pascucci - Drums

    Drew Potter - bass & backing vocals


    DUEL links