The Grindhouse Radio: From Relative Upstarts to iTunes Accolades

The Grindhouse Radio: From Relative Upstarts to iTunes Accolades
Tantalizing Trio Making International Impact With Weekly Pop Culture Podcast and Daily Specialty Shows


(New York, NY) - The Grindhouse Radio, also known as GHR is an internationally syndicated, award winning, pop culture talk radio series that is featured on iHeartRadio, iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify and over 25 other syndicated networks with between 3.5 - 4 million listeners weekly worldwide. The Grindhouse has been ranked as high as #15 on the Overall worldwide charts for iTunes, with a long run holding a weekly spot in the Top 20  Best Comedic Podcasts worldwide ranking highest at #6. Since 2015, GHR has become a trusted, daily destination for the fans with superstar guests like Kel Mitchell, Chef Chris Santos, Chris Kirkpatrick, Taboo, DMC, Carole Baskin, Stan Lee, Greg Cipes, Robert Davi, Mo Collins, EG Daily, Lou Ferrigno, Will Friedle, Ernie Hudson, Sean Schemmel, Walter E. Jones, Phil Lamarr, Katrina Law, Charles Martinet, Steven Ogg, Khary Peyton, Jaret Reddick, Rikki Rockett, J-Sutta, IronE Singleton, Lee Swift, Veronica Taylor, Rob Wiethoff and countless others.

​Albeit GHR is internationally syndicated - the show and its cast also have a tremendous local appeal with between 620k –650k listeners respectively in the Long Island, New York market where they reside. They were nominated and voted the 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020 Best Radio Station on Long Island over all the leading competition including terrestrial radio for four consecutive years. In 2019 GHR was nominated and voted winners in three categories... Best Radio Station on Long Island, as well as GHR's Brimstone winning Best Twitter account from Long Island and Best Long Island Personality over Billy Joel, Jerry Seinfeld and Alec Baldwin for the 2nd consecutive year. It should also be noted that GHR's Kim Adragna was nominated for the Personality Award. Furthermore, GHR was announced as a 2018 SCORE American Small Business Awards Champion and National Grand Champion – prompting a Certificate of Recognition from NY Mayor DeBlasio. The Grindhouse Radio was awarded the 2020 New York State Senate Empire Business Award in recognition of their repeated contributions to the community and New York State followed by a 2021 Platinum Communitas Award for Excellence in Corporate Responsibility | Making a Difference and Brimstone awarded for Excellence in Community Service | Leadership in Individual Community Service. 

In 2021, GHR was awarded a Gold AVA Digital Award for Audio Production / Radio Podcast and a Gold Award of Excellence | Individual Episodes, Entertainment Podcast for the 27th Annual Communicator Awards. On social media, GHR branded GIFs have been used over 900 million times via their official Giphy account. Notably, Adragna has been named a recipient of the Long Island Business News’, 30 Under 30 Award 2019 and Grindhouse Radio was a major topic of discussion at the European Planetary Science Congress 2018 – officially making them a citable source for scientific and collegiate papers.

GHR is essentially a show that is designed to appeal to everyone, from a group of not-so “normal” people. Carefully crafted into a TWO HOUR talk radio show, the Grindhouse cast offers listeners their weekly pop culture fix of current news & events, comics, music, gadgets, gaming, sports and movies seamlessly blended in to a precise format. A no holds barred, madhouse of mythological proportions, GHR aims to be the public's weekly fix for pop-culture, nerdisms and all around oddball topics that relate to media and celebrity.

About Brimstone:
Brimstone has had a successful and rewarding career spanning well over four decades; participating in numerous entertainment fields boasting a list of titles including professional wrestler, radio host/professional podcaster, actor, voice actor, author, musician, philanthropist, food critic, horror model, and comic book/animated/children’s book/video game hero. He’s been called  Renaissance man by many, but more accurately described as a well-seasoned entertainer and serial entertainment entrepreneur. Visit his Official Website at for full Bio.

Also visit Brim on his Official Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

About Kim Adragna:
Kim Adragna is an actress, model, voice-over actor, writer, producer, and brand influencer. Visit her landing page on the GHR Website at for full Bio.

Also visit Kim on her Official Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

About Tom Greer:
Tom Greer aka Mr. Greer is an audio producer, editor, brand influencer, on-air radio talent, and sports fanatic. Visit his Official Website at for full Bio.

Also visit Mr. Greer on his Official Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

For Press Inquiries, Contact:

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Sammi Rae Celebrates Signing to SOHO Johnny’s Tribeca Records

Seductive Singer Partners with New York Label to Release New Material

(New York, NY) -- It was announced today that captivating young singer Sammi Rae has signed an exclusive recording contract with SOHO Johnny’s Tribeca Records. Based out of New York City, Tribeca Records helps artists take their music to the world, bringing iconic songs to life with the help of their staff of A-Class Production experts and a dedicated management team who bring decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the table.




Influenced by artists like Sia, Dua Lipa and Karol G, Sammi is the real deal - a singer and performer who has been praised internationally by critics and fans alike for her strong, soulful voice and sultry demeanour. Her tunes have appeared on countless Spotify playlists, with several releases in the reggaeton genre "Nunca", "Champagne", "Closer", "No Me Digas", "City Lights", "Ella Se Atreve", "Baby Baila" and "Escapate" generating an international buzz.


Then late in 2020 amidst the pandemic, she released the sexy and striking video for her well received Spotify playlist favorite hit "Nunca" - which has surpassed 250,000 views - resulting in this Record Deal with Soho Johnny and Tribeca Records.




With much more music on the horizon in 2021, and Sammi just touching the surface of her potential, the sky's the limit for this starlet in the making.


For More Information on Sammi Rae VISIT:




For More Information on SOHO Johnny and Tribeca Records VISIT: 


For Press Inquiries, CONTACT: Rick [AT]

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10% Reptile Releases The Big Boycott EP On Compact Disc(CD)

10% Reptile Releases The Big Boycott EP On Compact Disc(CD)

Bellmore, NY, 04/20/21 - Now available for the first time on compact disc. 10% Reptile’s critically acclaimed debut EP titled The Big Boycott. With an increasing curiosity for 10% Reptile’s music, they have released the Big Boycott EP on compact disc with other physical formats to follow. The compact disc can be purchased on their Bandcamp website at The EP was originally released in digital format on February 1st, 2021. The digital download version is available on Apple, Amazon, Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp and more.

Shasta Beest from Stoner Hive is calling it "one of the most unique and refreshing heavy rock albums in recent memory, spicing up the stoner sound we know and love” and Le Mellow Man states "an inventive and wholly unique take on stoner rock." This is why 10% Reptile has landed on Denpa Fuzz’s highly regarded weekly recommendations list.

Four piece 10% Reptile hail from New York, New York. You will find 10% Reptile to be the merging of hard rock, stoner rock, and desert rock with grunge, post-punk, and garage rock. As Shasta Beest from Stoner Hive put it, the music is “politically charged and wearing their hearts on their sleeves”. It is driven by socioeconomic themes, with catchy hooks in the midst of chaos and noise.

You can find 10% Reptile at and for more information on the artwork packaged with The Big Boycott CD, go to

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Pleasure or Pain? Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle Releases Novocaine.

Lush Lyrics and Brooding Bass Give Listeners an Aural Fix

(New York, NY) - Emerging Singer/Songwriter Robert Eberle is set to release his new single Novocaine to Spotify and all the major services today Friday April 30th, 2021.




Produced by Donnie Klang, (The winner of MTV’s Making The Band and the producer who has worked with artists like Madison Beer and Sky Katz) Novocaine is Eberle’s second single release this year.


Featuring elements of Lofi-Pop, Alternative & Pop Rock to create a dark, but upbeat vibe, “Novocaine” is ultimately about a relationship falling to pieces. Picture this, you’ve just gotten out of a relationship that was very all over the place all the time. After the breakup, you can’t figure out whether you love or hate the person. You keep going through the memories that you made together and realized that person really just numbed your pain. 


For More Information on Robert Eberle, Go To: 

Instagram: @roberteberle1

Facebook: @roberteberlemusic 

Twitter: @EberleMusic

YouTube Channel


For Press Inquiries, CONTACT: Rick [AT]


About Robert Eberle:

Robert Eberle is a young, versatile singer & songwriter. Robert writes all of his own music, lyrics and works with various producers to create unique moments within his songs. Each one of Eberle’s songs are stories and moments into his life and others around him.


Influences from an eclectic group of artists such as FINNEAS & Billie Eilish all the way to Madison Beer and Panic! At the Disco have helped to create Eberle’s genre bending darker-alternative to traditional Pop Rock.

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Long Island Judge Hits Top Ten Worldwide with First Music Release “I Called You Rose”

Jan 2021 (New York, NY) — Over the last quarter century, Long Island Singer/Songwriter (and former Judge) Chris St. John has truly led a diverse and successful professional career in the field of law. 


Now, his dream of lateral success in the music business is starting to become a reality, as his instantly satisfying first single “I Called You Rose” has hit Number #3 on the Euro Indie Music Charts at and #10 on the World Indie Music Charts at !




“I Called You Rose was the last song I wrote for the album”, said St. John “It came fast and I could not get it out of my head. It’s a song about falling in love and breaking up – with alcohol. I like that it’s upbeat and has a happy ending. I pray this song for everyone who finds it hard to put the bottle down.”


St. John has been a practicing attorney for 26 years; a former judge and prosecutor; worked in the State Department, participating in the Reagan-Gorbachev Summit in 1987; and lived, studied, and taught in China later that year. He was also a Congressional Aide and is now a volunteer firefighter.


In 2015, he and his friend started a not-for-profit charity called HALO Missions, which provides medical care, clothing, food, farming equipment, and surgeries for AIDS orphans and the extreme poor throughout Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean. 


“My professional career is what I do. These songs are who I am. They are about my personal life. The songs have been written over about 30 years, with four new ones written in the last several months to finish up the album,” he added.


His upcoming debut record is entitled “I’m Dreaming.” The album will include 13 original songs, plus Chris' version of the Grateful Dead's "Ripple". The finishing touches are being put on the offering, expected in March 2021.


The topics include the loss of love at a young age; the loss of his parents; the birth of his son John (now 17) and life with his wife of 27 years Elisabeth; a surprise DNA discovery; a serious illness where he was put in a medically induced coma, and a nurse sang him back to life; the loss of a young relative in a car accident and the subsequent climb out of depression; alcohol addiction and recovery; and a gift from his grandmother that he intends to return to her someday.


“The title of the LP is ‘I’m Dreaming’ because some of these songs were dreamed up and written down when I awoke. And there are so many references to dreaming in the album. I guess I like to dream. People have told me I should write a book or make an album. This is both to me.”


The album will and individual songs can be downloaded for purchase from iTunes, Spotify, and all other musical platforms shortly. These first listens are offered as a gift.


Listen on SoundCloud

Watch on YouTube

Like on Facebook

Follow on Instagram

Follow on Twitter


Email Chris


For Press Inquiries, CONTACT:

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Whitehouse To Release New EP And New Album

By whitehouse, 2010-06-21

WHITEHOUSE is going to release their new EP containing 5 songs in November 2010, followed by the new album which will contain 12 brand new songs and will be released January 2011.

The new WHITEHOUSE crew, working together from 4 different continents, will present a very unique music with a blend of Pop, Rock, Latin and R&B styles.

A release party for the new album will take place in Los Angeles, CA and WHITEHOUSE will perform tracks from the new album. (place and time of the release party will be announced soon). The event will be sponsored by the band´s label Black Mountain Records (USA).

Using the latest technology and the internet has made it possible for the good friends and musicians of WHITEHOUSE to record together from 5 different countries making for a unique blend of music with influences from around the world.
WHITEHOUSE is eager with anticipation to present this brand new major release to all their friends and fans which supported them and motivated them to realize this exiting album.

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Warface is on Facebook and Reverbnation!

By district13, 2010-06-10



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All New

By Charles54, 2010-04-23

Come and check me out.

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December's Cold Winter CHANGES ITS NAME !

By AdventOfBedlam, 2010-03-10
December's Cold Winter CHANGES ITS NAME !

Hi All.

During nine years, the band has been established as one of the most important metal bands in costa rican scene, supporting giant bands as Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Dismember, amongst others; plus two albums, both of them nominated to ACAM Awards for "Song writers of the year" in metal category, and awarded for their "Ablaze All Shrines" album, The band reached international exposure with a distribution deal with Relapse Records, and also with the appearance of "Manipulating Human Emotions" song in Zero Tolerance Magazine' covermount CD (February 2008).

Thanks to all this experience, the death metal group has decided to make a radical change in their image, and so they leave behind the name "December's Cold Winter" to be known as "Advent of Bedlam" from now on.

"We decided to make this change as the old name does not reflect the current lyrical and musical direction of the band after evolving our sound.

We would like to thank everyone who was once part of December's Cold Winter (friend or musician).

We have nine years of constant and professional work, so we know the best way to present Advent Of Bedlam is with a new album, we've been working on it since October 2008 and started recording in November 2009" Max.

Advent Of Bedlam is:
• Isak Arroyo: Guitars.
• Esteban Gonzalez: Bass.
• Max Gutierrez: Guitars/Backing Vocals.
• Alex Ovares: Drums.
• Roy Zumbado: Vocals.

- Behold The Chaos - New Full Lenght Album 2010.

A year after the release of "Ablaze All Shrines", Advent Of Bedlam hits the studio to record their third album, the first one under their new name, in which the bands works 100% freely both musically and liricaly.

"Behold The Chaos" will include 9 new songs plus a surprise track, re-recorded from previous albums. The line up for this album: Isak Arroyo (Guitars), Esteban Gonzalez (Bass), Max Gutierrez (Guitars/Backing Vocals) present on all previous album and adding Alex Ovares (Fallen Memories, Vulture) who joined the band in mid 2008 on the drums and Roy Zumbado (Animus Barathrum, Vulture, Belial Horde, Braindeath, amongst others) as their new vocalist.

Check out Advent Of Bedlam also in:

Youtube Channel:

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Mixing progress March 01, 2010

By Jared Jongeling, 2010-02-28

CD 1 of 2 is almost entirely finished for mixing. I have been working on "Coastlands" and "Blinded" today, mixing the bass levels on both and guitar EQ and snare EQ on Coastlands. Long process but we will finish strong and soon!

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Stoner HiVe

The Doom Charts for May 2023



Doom Charts


“Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

~ Lou Gehrig

Here we are, on the First Friday of the new Month looking back at yet another Month filled with amazing releases. A month that might have felt a bit quiet on the Doom Charts front, and that is because yours truly left on a holiday to Scotland for three weeks of hiking and completely off grid stuff and had limited time to arrange things properly before he left. This will not happen again. My apologies. Returning to the Heavy Underground always feels like a warm embrace though, especially when you see so many amazing albums all waiting to be spun. And even more so when some of the Contributors immediately contact you raving about this or that album. Some frantically so, because his blurb was received a fraction after the deadline. Which means it will be used for the Peroration post in two weeks. He stated: “Five tracks of leviathan, tectonic soundscapes coupled with the harmonies of twin vocalists… EPIC is an understatement: The Very ECHT of Doom: Panoramic, Epic and Majestic every which way you turn!” and ends that blurb with: ” … have a Unique vibe, Appealing sound, Awesome Concept and may well have just catapulted Themselves into the Echelons! Unmissable!” So, you best believe we were listening to that album immediately! And then to think there were more Contributors with other favorite albums that demanded to be heard as soon as possible as well. Amazing! In fact, 323 albums received votes this month. How lucky are we that we have this abundance of great music to listen to and love? Cause that’s a lot of love for all that Heavy Rock once again. And some of that love is now featured below… Go check’m out! Check’m all out! 

There she booms! The May 2023 Doom Charts containing, all that's heavy, psychedelic, stoner and dooms! A mighty fine list once again!

And due to that little holiday, I will need to check a whole lot of them this time around... Personal votes of the ones that made it went out to Dozer, Ruff Majik, GOZU, Apex Ten, The Machine, Birds of Nazca

Started my run down of all forty yesterday with Sacri Suoni, Psychic Mass, Takezo and Ruff Majik... Continuing on now with Rusty Bonez and their Brainworm release and make my way to Number 1 !! Stil feeling all sorts of lucky!!

Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and reviewers from the heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…


The Doom Charts for May 2023


Cooling Tower - Saint Vitus


Cooling Tower - Saint Vitus
Self-released - March 2023
Psych, Doom, Stoner
Rated: ****

Cooling Tower's second full length and personally long-awaited follow-up, Saint Vitus, sees the Melbourne crew continue to explore their dark corner of psych rock to powerful effect. Made up of members from two death metal bands, Gravepeeler and Hormagaunt, the Cooling Tower project is an outlet for a different brand of evil, one that creeps and crawls with patience to spare. Opening track "Necromancer" is as good a mission statement as any for the seven track LP, leading with a slow, eerie chug that's just off-kilter enough to create an atmosphere of unease, a signature of the band that permeates the album. A crunching jagged riff eventually interrupts with punchy drums and plaintive vocals, a horror movie soundtrack waiting to happen. The chorus surprises, however, with bright, cathartic guitar before dipping back into the gloom and doom. More twists and turns await throughout the remaining six tracks, from the epic classic metal riffage and bluesy shuffle of "Hound of the Baskervilles" to the cool, laid-back spaghetti western licks of "Psychic Drive". Another highlight cut is the most aggro of the bunch, "Delphi", whose patient start belies a swinging, hard-hitting drive of ripping blues and drums that roll through like a train barrelling down the tracks. The penultimate "Nighstalker" returns to the doomier, uneasy fare Cooling Tower do so well, and they finish things off by absolutely nailing a cover of Sir Lord Baltimore's "Kingdom Come". Saint Vitus is an impressive sophomore effort that sees the Aussies digging deeper into their now trademark creep, twisting the genres of psychedelia and doom to dark purposes known only to Cooling Tower, and sounding like no one but Cooling Tower.

(Written by Kyle SB / Shastabeast)






Poste 942 - La Ligne



Poste 942 - La Ligne

We’ve been following these punk outlaws, these outback stoner rocking crazies for quite some time now, and have always dug whatever Poste 942 came up with. As you can read in our coverage of their Extended Play EP from 2014, their Extended Play 2 from 2016 and the Long Play they released in 2017. But this new single and video is new territory for Poste 942! Well, they already released their La Gorgone single in December 2022, the first time we got to meet Virginie D as the new vocalist for Poste 942. But La Ligne takes all that grunge and punk we knew they did to new stoner rocking heights! The addition of these French vocals make La Ligne that perfect chased rock song! You know the one, running from the devil, from your demons, from whatever might be on the hunt and knowing that no matter what they try to do, you will continue down your path... In a straight line! La Ligne rocks like the perfect anthem for the rock 'n roll soul!





The Psychlona Beer Coozy appreciation post!



The Psychlona Beer Coozy appreciation post!

Hiking around Scotland, you have to keep your beers cool! I mean, sure, there’s snow on top of Ben Nevis; and the water of the North Atlantic Ocean near Durness is actually only seven degrees. But hiking up the mountain definitely warms you up and after swimming around in that pretty cold water, you need something to quench your thirst! Luckily, we had some Psychlona Beer Coozies with us! Indeed, they do not only make amazing albums and rock the hell out of stages, they produce some damn fine beer coozies as well…

There to keep your beer cool and your devil horns warm! 

SEE! There to keep your beer cool and your devil horns warm!

Back from Scotland...



Back from Scotland...

Hey everyone, back and for once in one piece...

And ready for action... 

Had a glorious hiking adventure through Scotland and everyday was as brilliant as the day before... We had the luck to climb Ben Nevis with incredibly sunny weather and a view across entire Scotland, which apparently almost never happens... (Picture above) And in fact had almost no bad weather at all! Three weeks in Scotland, and no bad weather, that also apparently never happens!

Can't wait to get back into everyhing Doom Charts, Stoner HiVe and Heavy Underground related!

So... What album, should we listen to first? 🤘

The Ripple Effect

Get A Taste Of Blood Lightning's Upcoming Debut Album On Ripple Music With The New Video For "Blankets"!

Blood Lightning, a  Boston supergroup featuring members of Gozu, Worshipper, Sam Black Church, Black Thai, and others.  They've already been nominated for several Boston Music awards, and here's why.  Proud to present to you the new video for Blankets, a song off their forthcoming Ripple Music debut.



As the band says "The video for Blood Lightning’s "Blankets" was shot live at ZuZu in Cambridge MA on April 19th, 2023 by Frank Pino and Shawn Reilly of Doghouse East. The song is the first release from our debut record on Ripple Music.


We are excited to share this tune and video and can't wait for you to hear the rest of the album! (Due in October 2023)

Come catch Blood Lightning live at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge MA on Friday June 23, 2023 with Catching Hell and Scissorfight.


We are incredibly excited to be part of the Ripple Music family and are stoked to share this video with you!"


Heavy rock festival RIPPLEFEST TEXAS announces 40+ bands to play 2023 edition in Austin on September 21-24th; tickets available now!

Stoner, doom and heavy rock festival RIPPLEFEST TEXAS returns for its third edition in Austin, TX on September 21-24 with a Texas-sized lineup of 40+ bands including King Buffalo, Acid King, Brant Bjork, Wo Fat, Fatso Jetson and many more to be announced soon. Tickets are available now!



September 22-23 at The Far Out Lounge (Austin, TX)

- Weekend and single-day passes available HERE // Official event


Pre-party (7/21) and after-party (7/24) at Sagebrush (Austin, TX)

Pre-party tickets and info // Afterparty tickets and info


Already confirmed: King Buffalo, Acid King, Brant Bjork Trio, Sasquatch, Wo-Fat, Fatso Jetson, Mondo Generator, Unida, The Well+, The Atomic Bitchwax, Telekinetic Yeti*, Duel, Forming the Void, Hippie Death Cult, High Desert Queen*, Avon, War Cloud, Rubber Snake Charmers, Spirit Mother+, Kind, Nick Oliveri, Thunder Horse, Royal Sons+, Restless Spirit*, (Big) Pig, Fostermother, Dead Feathers+, Rainbows Are Free, Warlung*, Sun Voyager, Red Mesa, Dunes, Tia Carrera+, Mr. Plow, The Heroine*, Micheal Rudolph Cummings, The Absurd+, GoodEye*, Red Beard Wall, God Damn Good Time Band+


* playing the Pre-Party // + playing the Afterparty

West Coast-based powerhouse Ripple Music is the passion-driven imprint that leading metal magazine Decibel Magazine declared "has made a splash in heavy rock and metal,” and Alternative Control labeled "powerhouse tastemaker". Metal Injection went so far as to predict, “they may very well be the future of rock and roll”. Known and revered worldwide for unearthing the finest bands in stoner, doom, heavy rock and metal, the Bay Area-based label is home to Scott "Wino" Weinrich, Tony Reed, Poobah, Wo Fat, Mothership, Colour Haze, Freedom Hawk and many more.





Marillion - Happiness Is The Road

Marillion from a Swedebeast's point of view

Marillion were pretty quick to follow up 'Somewhere Else'. As the band congregated to begin work on the new, as of yet, untitled album, they again set their minds on releasing an EP. But that idea was quickly shelved. After all, they always come up with enough material for a full-length. Inspiration flowed immediately and to such an extent that only 18 months after the start, 'Happiness Is The Road' appeared. Intended for traditional formats the band's creative juices told them otherwise. Hence 'Happiness Is The Road' came out in two volumes in the 2CD/ two 2LP formats: 'Volume I: Essence' and 'Volume II: The Hard Shoulder'. The first is a concept album inspired by the book "The Power Of Now" by Eckhart Tolle. The songs touches upon spirituality, why we are here and the meaning of life. Definitely inwards bound and introspective. The second volume is a collection of individual songs and too good to be left out. More outwards trajectory in approach and slightly more rocking. The only issue the guys had with this album was when to finish writing and recording. Ideas never stopped flowing and most turned into good compositions prompting them to keep going. But that's a good issue to have, I think.


Volume I: Essence


This disc begins with 'Dreamy Street' as Steve Hogarth and Mark Kelly performs a mellow and reflective piece about living in the here and now. Having hope and being free from troubles. It leads into 'This Train Is My Life' with the entire band joining in. Builds up gradually and talks about being a band on the road and what a disjointed unreal life it is. It's also a big thank you to long-suffering partners. 'Essence' follows the mellow laidback path with brief bursts of more intense playing. A wonderful guitar solo leads the song into a faster ending. Live life without dreamy expectations, instead be here in the now and try to avoid distractions. 'Wrapped Up In Time' mourns the passing of the high points in life. Nocturnal and reflective, it has a strong feeling of sadness. And as with the previous songs, there's a slow gradual build-up. Mark Kelly shines on 'Liquidity', a piano-guided instrumental composition. Dealing with the loneliness of consumer mentality, 'Nothing Fills This Hole' is one of the rockier songs on Volume I. Musically it pulls in pop before the band falls back to a more minimalistic ending. 'Wake Up' is a more positive reaction to the previous song and deals about clearing your mind and see what is around you. More upbeat and rocking it moves in the present.


'Trap The Spark' sings about trying to retain the spark of youth and the desire to improve. But you're trapped in a bad rut  and can't. Mellow yet frustrated, the music follows the lyrics perfectly. Marillion are trying to find happiness but I don't know if they are successful. A wonderful guitar solo from Rothery, as always. 'A State Of Mind' is about how life becomes what you make of it depending on your state of mind. Kind of jazzy with Pete Trewavas and Ian Mosley leading the way, although Rothery and Kelly takes the centre stage feeding off each other brilliantly. Erupts and the band rocks out a touch as the song climax. A mellow and spaced-out keyboards guides Hogarth initially on 'Happiness Is The Road'. Eventually the rest of the gang joins in as the song picks up. Poppy, groovy and expectant, the characteristic build-up is ever present. Each new day is a new opportunity and satisfaction is not the destination, it's the road getting there. A nameless 2 minute silence leads into 'Half-Full Jam', an amalgamation of lyrics picked from throughout the album. Marillion do really rock out and jam on this one.


Volume II: The Hard Shoulder

Disc number two opens up with 'Thunder Fly' where strangely summerflies are used, annoying as they are, as a metaphor for annoying girlfriends. A very rare, unkind and mean lyric from the band, indeed. The music is rocking, and then some, with a great solo from Steve Rothery. Laidback and guided by some deft playing by Trewavas and Mosley, 'The Man From Planet Marizpan' is reflective, observant and full of different sensations. More expansive towards the end, almost sacral, if you will. Marillion use an alien to show what's like to be the odd one out within the sphere of mankind, alienation at its fullest. 'Asylum Satellite #1' continues the feeling of alienation, this time in the shape of convicted criminals. They've been banished to a space station to serve the rest of their sentences looking down on Earth. The music is reflective, mellow and dejected bringing a huge sense of ”this is the end of the world”. Hogarth and Kelly steps forward on 'Older Than Me' where they keep things to a minimal yet they lay everything out there. Portraying a man who disagrees with mankind's negative views on women having younger partners. Hogarth holds the main focus on 'Throw Me Out'. His marriage is coming to an end displaying bad and awful that whole situation is. The music is kind of poppy and mellow. The ticking clock in the background is very telling and on point as Hogarth is losing hope.


'Half The World' is basically a continuation of 'Throw Me Out' but on the opposite end of the scale. The protagonist offers a heartfelt wishing well to his lost partner. Ups the pace a little bit to mid-tempo but is more eclectic and here and now. 'Whatever Is Wrong With You' sings about being who you are, don't alter yourself because your partner loves you regardless. Weaves back and forth between slow and fast, where the verses keeps it grounded while allowing the chorus to explode. 'Especially True' is mid-tempo as well, yet to the point and upfront and it picks up in the end. About America, cultural relativism and what can happen between people on planes. The album ends with 'Real Tears For Sale' where Hogarth opens up about the dangers of selling your real life in songs and always having to keep up with the emotional authenticity. Stripped down and baring emotions and the soul of the song amazingly well.


Having discovered this album some time after it was released, I was a little bit intimidated prior to that first spin. These two disc do contain over 106 minutes worth of music and I had no inkling to what my reactions such an extensive body of work would be. However, only a couple of songs in I was mesmerized as Marillion again showed me that there is nothing to worry about, never, when it comes to their music. 'Happiness Is The Road' is a fantastic audible journey that works its magic on all your senses. And for me being in the midst of ”re-discovering” Marillion, this was the album where I stopped kicking myself for being so ignorant staying away from the band for so long. That threshold was now overcome and the road wide open to embrace this amazing band with no more regrets.


 - Swedebeast

The Xroadie Files

Forever Broken- ST

Scott Wright- Bass, Craig Owen- Drums, Michael Miller- Guitar, Brennon Miller- Vocals


The Hunt sway sing shout and just let the music envelop your senses. Paranoia strong vocals crunchy riffs and pounding rhythms with screaming leads. Six Feet Deep clap foot stomp fist pump and just rock. Reaper will have the crowd on its feet fist in the air head banging and playing air guitar. Fallen close your eyes grab your air guitars and just rock till you drop. A Flame Still Burns fist pumping head banging metal magic.



WOLFNAUT – Return Of The Asteroid

Tor Erik Hagen -Bass, Ronny «Ronster» Kristiansen – Drums/Percussion, Kjetil Sæter -Guitars/Vocals/Piano


Brother of the Badlands close your eyes and let the memories envelop your senses. My Orbit Is Mine sway groove and just let loose. The Mighty Pawns drifting on a cloud of melodies. Crash Yer Asteroid crunchy riffs pounding drums thumping bass with strong vocals and catchy rhythms. Arrows close your eyes and dream. G.T.R. will have the crowd on its feet just rocking and rolling. Something More Than Night sway groove and let the emotions envelop your spirit. Crates of Doom one psychedelic mind trip. Wolfnaut’s Lament one slow melancholic musical journey thru space time and memories.



Rezn- Solace

Rob McWilliams – Guitar/Vocals, Phil Cangelosi – Nass/Rainstick, Patrick Dunn – Drums/Percussion, Spencer Ouellette – Sax/Synth/Piano/Flute, Guest Musician - Marie Davidson - Spoken Word


Allured by Feverish Visions just let the melancholic music pull you into your imagination. Possession thumping bass pounding drums crunchy riffs and loads of emotional melodies. Reversal crushing riffs slow slithering rhythms with melancholic music. Stasis fist pump head bang foot stomp and play screaming guitars. Fading And Fleeting close your eyes and drift away in your dreams. Webbed Roots one interesting space rock musical journey.



Red Vox - Afterthoughts

Vinny, Mike, Joe, Bill


Eminence just close your eyes and drift in your imagination. Playing By the Rules lost in the depths of memories and emotions. Almost A Stranger soft melodies envelop your senses. Jumped The Gun take a trip back to the magical musical 80s and enjoy. Traces dreaming the day away. Saturnine strumming guitars and singing as the emotions flow. Keep It Together lost in the depths of emotions. Forgetter kicking back with friends and one catchy tune. The Sound You Make the music sends shivers down your spine with amazing music and vocals. As Long As I Can Dream sway calm foot tap and enjoy.



WITCHROT- Live in the Hammer

Lea Reto – Vocals, Peter Turik – Guitar, Nick Kervin – Drums, Nick “Nido” Dolphin – Bass


Medley Druid Smoke Part 1 (The Keeper/ Crypt Reaper/Burn Me Down) take one strange psychedelic musical mind trip. Dug Your Grave/ Strega lost in memories and emotions. Acedia doom psychedelia that just envelops your senses. Who Scared You crushing riffs thundering rhythms with strong vocals. Colder Hands scorching leads pounding drums thumping bass with emotional vocals. Million Shattered Swords lost in the depths of dark dreams and imaginations.




FORMING THE VOID - “Reverie” - (Ripple, 2020, Lafayette, Louisiana, US) -

This Louisiana band has been around for quite awhile. I mean QUITE awhile.  They formed in 2013 and the first I’d actually become aware of them was when I read reviews of this, their 4th full-length platter. Now “Reverie” is 3 years old itself, but thanks to the amazing folks at Ripple (Hi, Todd!) it’s finally spinning in my player. So, while this certainly would be LATE for a full-on new album review, it surely deserves some real mention. It’s also a perfect time, with FORMING THE VOID set to play at RippleFest Texas in September, their first activity in a good while.


I’ve seen these guys labeled with some bullshit terms that you read online a thousand times a day like “stoner metal” and “sludge.” These throwaway descriptions suit the legions of half-ass bands out there for sure, but not these guys. Nah, this is way better than that. “Reverie” sounds like an organic cross between the middle Sabs and Finnish gods Kingston Wall. The riffs are huge, the vocals are hypnotic but, as always matters to Ray, those fucking guitars! The leads reel me in with their mixture of heaviness and a decidedly lysergic Eastern bent that I simply can’t resist. They take me back to the sonorous wailing of KWall’s late Petri Walli and that’s a beautiful thing. Laced through the 7 cuts here, they add layering to grooving yet ass-busting proceedings and make these ears very happy.


And that brings another thing to the fore. Unlike their previous records, “Reverie” sees FORMING THE VOID keep the maximum song-length to 5:43. That’s a little different for a style that may lend itself to stretching the “exploratory” to “wandering” in some hands.  Not here. This is a dynamic release that manages to grasp both the butt-busting & meditational and serve it up in nice sized mirco dot chunks that satisfy and pulverize. “Side 2” is especially strong with a pair of my faves, “Manifest” & “The Ancient Satellite.”  Git it!

-Ray Dorsey


Luke Baker - bass

Shadi Omar Al Khansa - guitars

James Marshall - guitars, vocals

Thomas Colley - drums