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December's Cold Winter CHANGES ITS NAME !

By AdventOfBedlam, 2010-03-10
December's Cold Winter CHANGES ITS NAME !

Hi All.

During nine years, the band has been established as one of the most important metal bands in costa rican scene, supporting giant bands as Amon Amarth, Behemoth, Fear Factory, Sepultura, Dismember, amongst others; plus two albums, both of them nominated to ACAM Awards for "Song writers of the year" in metal category, and awarded for their "Ablaze All Shrines" album, The band reached international exposure with a distribution deal with Relapse Records, and also with the appearance of "Manipulating Human Emotions" song in Zero Tolerance Magazine' covermount CD (February 2008).

Thanks to all this experience, the death metal group has decided to make a radical change in their image, and so they leave behind the name "December's Cold Winter" to be known as "Advent of Bedlam" from now on.

"We decided to make this change as the old name does not reflect the current lyrical and musical direction of the band after evolving our sound.

We would like to thank everyone who was once part of December's Cold Winter (friend or musician).

We have nine years of constant and professional work, so we know the best way to present Advent Of Bedlam is with a new album, we've been working on it since October 2008 and started recording in November 2009" Max.

Advent Of Bedlam is:
• Isak Arroyo: Guitars.
• Esteban Gonzalez: Bass.
• Max Gutierrez: Guitars/Backing Vocals.
• Alex Ovares: Drums.
• Roy Zumbado: Vocals.

- Behold The Chaos - New Full Lenght Album 2010.

A year after the release of "Ablaze All Shrines", Advent Of Bedlam hits the studio to record their third album, the first one under their new name, in which the bands works 100% freely both musically and liricaly.

"Behold The Chaos" will include 9 new songs plus a surprise track, re-recorded from previous albums. The line up for this album: Isak Arroyo (Guitars), Esteban Gonzalez (Bass), Max Gutierrez (Guitars/Backing Vocals) present on all previous album and adding Alex Ovares (Fallen Memories, Vulture) who joined the band in mid 2008 on the drums and Roy Zumbado (Animus Barathrum, Vulture, Belial Horde, Braindeath, amongst others) as their new vocalist.

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